Marble Runs - 1

First task was to use as few plastic as possible, arrive at a package that has a front of less then 100cm2, weighs packed less than 1/3 kg, has a packed volume of less than 3L, complies with EN 71, let kids think, build and play, enhancing motoric capabilities as well as material knowledge, is extendable and developable to an electronic level- and has a production cost of less than 3$ per toy at a test level of 500000 packs.

So we created the Marble Run that matched all criteria.


Marble Runs - 2

Next effort was put into the development of an extension set that added an arduino board, a gear motor, leds, enabled track switching, could sense positions and even talk. Glow in the dark marbles were added for night games.

Another development was the marble run installed as a strip around the kid s room. Again the requirement not surpassing a 7$ limit was met for the electronic-extension of same dimensions as MR1, including all components of MR1.